From designing a menu high on street food from all over the world to preparing a gourmet delight featuring some of the finest preparations from best of the restaurants, we create menus for occasions that leave a pleasant taste in everyone’smouth for years to come. Our entire presentation has an authentic feel to it as we get best chefs to personally dish out their fare.

So if you crave for paranthas from Murthal or Agra , kebabs from Lucknow , biryani and nihari from Hyderabad orsondesh from Kolkata along with famous chai from Rajasthan; or Greek soups and salads, Turkish kebabs ,Italian pasta and pizza and French desserts . Weget the most popular people from these regions to set up stall and serve at your parties.

From choosing the dress for the service staff to cutlery and crockery, our overall presentation transports you to the region whose cuisine is being served. So give your parties and conferences a tasty and truly global and most importantly an authentic appeal by calling us.

We are not known to disappoint.